"Lisa has this innate ability to find the natural truth in people, it's almost like she's invisible and the subject is in a safe place where there is no reticence."
- Caroline Shaw

"Lisa's images speak for themselves, she quietly and effortlessly captures the spirit and essence of the moment... She has no ego and always goes the extra mile."
- Michele Li, Director, The Wedding Company Ltd.

As a former top fashion model in Asia, Lisa has long been familiar with the demanding yet creative side of the business, constantly refining her commercial and fashion sense. She naturally gravitated to photography and soon found herself on the other side of the camera patiently and gently forging a connection with her subject. She found that photography is where her talents lie, fulfilling her need to constantly test herself and express her creativity. Several hundred weddings and countless family portraits later, Lisa is able to confidently and discreetly capture the essence and true spirit of any event, be it a lavish wedding banquet or a more intimate affair. Her creativity and flair have made her one of the most highly sought-after wedding and commercial photographers in Asia and Europe.


 Lisa B Wedding Photography
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Lisa B Wedding Photography